R-Panel Metal Roofing, Gilmer Tx

Metal Roofing comes in multiple shapes and dimensions. One type of metal roofing is known as R-Panel. Like other panel shapes, R-Panel is named for the form of the grooves in the panel surface. The R-shaped grooves give the metal texture and a unique style. R-Panel metal roofing is a natural choice for homeowners in Gilmer Texas who are looking for higher-level roofing material.

Feature and Benefits of R-Panel Metal Roofing

R-Panel Roofing is high-grade stainless steel, a premier metal roofing system that requires minimal maintenance. It is a better choice for your roof that many other types of roofing products. Although R-Panel sheet metal roofing can be installed directly to roof decking, it is possible to place it over the top of your existing roof. R-Panel roofing offers a wide selection of colors, textures, and styles that appeal to almost any personal taste.

Some other advantages to R-Panel roofing include:

•    Holds up well under powerful winds up to 140mph
•    Offers energy efficiency throughout the home interior
•    Ideal for low-sloped roof applications
•   Affordable and a good investment in the long run
•   Fewer labor costs due to over the top installation
•    Meets all Texas State roofing codes and regulations
•   Sheets are available in various sizes and dimensions up to 7ft.

Metal Roofing Companies Gilmer Tx.

Metal Roofing Can Take It

R-Panel Metal roofing can take whatever Mother Nature throws at it. It is engineered using a high tensile, glazed, impenetrable zinc-aluminum coating. The surface is pre-heated with primer, and then given a coat of polyester paint. This process is what makes the R-Panel roof tough as nails. The result is a long-lasting roofing substance that will perform well for almost 50 years.If properly implemented, R-Panel metal roofing will outlast most of the homes that it’s installed on. It provides the perfect shield that protects your home from heavy snow, gusty winds, and heavy rains. It is rust-free and will not easily deteriorate. It will not collect mold or mildew. It is fire and heat resistant. Once the panel is installed, you’ll never have to worry about residential roof repairs, leak repairs, or frequent home roof maintenance. The sheet metal surface repels UV-rays and can withstand heavy sunlight and heat over the course of several years.

Metal Roof Installation Gilmer Tx

R-Panel roofing is a modern advanced alternative to traditional forms of roofing such as asphalt shingles. But don’t let the modern finish fool you. Metal roofs are now created to mimic the look of shingles, tile, wood, clay and other types of roofing. The chameleon-like feature allows it blend in well with almost any home setting. A new roof will improve your property’s curb appeal. You’ll also see gains in the market value of your home while your insurance rates see a decrease by up to 25%.
Over The Top Installation

A common practice with residential roofing contractors in Gilmer, Texas is to lay R-Panels over the top of existing roofing material. There are some exceptions such as tile roofing. But flat material such as asphalt is perfect for the over the top method of installation. A bonus to over the top roofing is that it reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to install the panels. This means that you save on labor and materials. By installing over the top, R-Panel metal roofing becomes an economical choice.