Hail Damage in Gilmer, Texas

Severe weather can hit East Texas in a moment’s notice. Torrential rains and high winds can do considerable damage to your roof within minutes. Before you know it, your roof is taking a serious beating, and you may be looking at major repairs after the storm has passed.

Although roof repairs are never easy, it can be comforting knowing that there is a professional residential roofing company in Gilmer, Texas that can help you through this unsettling time.

At Roofing we are committed to helping you restore your roof efficiently and affordably as possible. We have a step-by-step system of working with you and your insurance company to make the process as easy as possible.

Identifying Hail Damage

Hail is created when thunderstorm updrafts are strong to propel water droplets above the freezing levels in the atmosphere.

When the droplets are frozen, they produce hail. As the hail descends, it acts like a snowball collecting more moisture as it falls. How much moisture it collects will determine the size of the stone.

Hail can do widespread damage to a residential roof. It can cause everything from roofing repair to leak repair and even roof replacement depending on the amount of damage. As a homeowner, it’s important to educate yourself on how to recognize hail damage.

Hailstones can range anywhere from the size of a quarter to the scale of a baseball.

The larger the stone is, the greater its impact. By the time the hail hits your roof, it’s falling at full speed. This causes dents and impact marks across your entire roofing system. In most cases the damage is superficial. With heavier stones, however, you’ll notice dents throughout.

What Do I Do If I Notice Damage

The most important thing you can do after a storm has passed is to have your roof professionally inspected by a reputable Gilmer roofing contractor. Schedule an inspection as soon as possible. Roofing professionals will immediately respond and conduct an assessment of the damage to your roof. We’ll conduct a full evaluation of your roof’s condition. Our inspections are comprehensive and accurate, leaving nothing out. After the assessment is finish, we’ll give you a full report of any damage that your roof may have sustained. If there is enough damage to warrant a claim, then we’ll suggest that you contact your insurance company right away.

What About My Insurance Company?

Once you contact your insurance company, they will send out an adjuster to look at the damage to your roof. It is essential that you contact a Contracting roofer so that we can report our findings while the adjuster is on site. We can work on your behalf to show the adjuster the details of the damage. With an accurate and thorough report, the process of dealing with your insurance company should be smooth with little hassle.

Full Roof Replacement

If you experience severe roof damage from hail or harsh weather, you may need your roof replaced. Roofing is standing by to help you restore your roof back to new. We offer full roof repair, roof replacement, roofing maintenance, new roof installation, and continued inspection to ensure that your roof is in excellent working condition. Contact us today and let us help you with all your roofing needs. We are the premier residential roofing experts in Gilmer, Texas.